Alpaca Recipe

With this healthy food recipe you know you’re getting healthier with every bite.


      • 500 gr Alpaca Prime Ribe
      • 150 gr Green Apples
      • 200 gr Arrugula
      • Olive Oil and Lime
      • 200 gr Pecans
      • 100 gr Manchego cheese
      • Balsamic vinager
      • Andean Herbs
      • Salt


      1. Marinate steak with herbs Andean alpaca, olive oil flavored with garlic, tie or wrap it in plastic (film) in a cylindrical shape and place in freezer.
      2. When the meat is half frozen (must be already a little hard)-thin slices and cut into accommodating irlas covering the surface of the plates.
      3. Season with salt; add apples and pecans sauteed whit drops of andean herb balsamic vinaigrette. Garnish with Manchego cheese, sliced apples and arugula.


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