(serves 4)



600g Osgrow Blesbok Steak
2 spring Onions
1 large Carrot
1/2 cup of Bamboo Shoots
1 cup of Soya Bean Sprouts
1 Chilli Pepper
1/2 cup of Brown Stock
Soya Bean Oil
1 clove of Garlic
1 dessertspoon of Dry Sherry
1 tsp Demarara Sugar
Soy Sauce
Vermicelli, Coriander and Ginger




Cut the carrot in batons and gently soften them in soya bean oil. Slice open the chilli pepper, remove the seeds and slice finely. Add the chilli to the simmering carrot batons, along with the spring onions, the garlic, the bamboo shoots and the soya bean sprouts. Now fry the blesbok steak until it is medium. Once ready keep it warm, if necessary in the oven. Cool the meat juices with the dry sherry and the stock. Add the demarara sugar, ginger and vegetable sauce and let it cook through for a time, while stirring through the gingili.
Arrange the sauce in the middle of the plate and circle with the vermicelli. Slice the meat and serve in the center of the plate. Garnish with a little coriander.