Sea Otter

(It should be noted that the animal referenced here is most likely the European Otter, Lutra lutra, which is native to Europe, instead of the Sea Otter of the north Pacific, Enhydra lutris. Adding to the oddness, both of these recipes were in a section of the cookbook devoted to fish dishes for meatless days – apparently otters were considered to be seafood.)

Source [La Varenne’s Cookery, T. Scully (trans.)]:
Sea-Otter in a Court-Bouillon. Dress a sea-otter and prepare it for putting into court-bouillon, which you make up in the same way as for the brill. When it has cooked, serve it dry, with parsley in a napkin on top.

Source [La Varenne’s Cookery, T. Scully (trans.)]:
Sea-Otter on the Grill. Dress the sea-otter and roast it. When it is done, make whatever sauce you like for it, provided it tastes strong and, because those large chunks don’t readily take on a flavoring, split it or slice it on top. Simmer it in its sauce until it has soaked up almost all of it. Then serve it, garnished with whatever you have on hand.

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