Alligator- Gator Ribs


Minutes to Prepare: 240
Minutes to Cook: 120


8 Persons

      • 2-3 lbs Alligator Ribs


      • 1 c Orange Juice
      • 1⁄3 c Lemon Juice
      • 1⁄3 c Lime Juice
      • 2 T Olive Oil
      • 5 Garlic cloves, chopped fine
      • 4 Thyme leaves, chopped
      • 4 Oregano leaves, chopped
      • 1 t Ground Cumin
      • 1 T Orange zest
      • 1 t Salt
      • ½ t Black pepper

Citrus Sauce:

      • 1c Orange Juice
      • 2T Lemon Juice
      • 1c Orange Marmalade


      • Salt and Pepper to taste


      1. Marinate overnight or for 3-4 hours.
      2. Place the alligator “gator” ribs in a large, heavy duty zip-lock freezer bag.
      3. Finely chop the garlic, thyme leaves and oregano leaves.
      4. In a bowl, mix the garlic mixture with the orange, lemon and lime juice.
      5. Add the olive oil, cumin, orange zest, salt and pepper
      6. Pour half of the marinade into the bag and zip it up. Use the rest for basting while grilling the meat.
      7. Place in the refrigerator to marinate overnight or for at least 3 hours.
      8. Once the meat has marinated, remove it from the marinade and discard the used marinade.
      9. Grill ribs for 45 minutes or until tender, basting frequently.
      10. When the ribs are tender, remove them from grill and baste with citrus glaze.

Citrus Glaze:

      • Combine the orange, lemon juice and marmalade in a small sauce pan. Simmer until thickened.
      • Keep the glaze warm until ready to serve.




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