Crocodile fillet stir-fried with Ancho chili, coconut and basil

      • 220g Crocodile tail fillet, thinly sliced
      • 50g Green beans, sliced thinly
      • 50g Onion, sliced thinly
      • 1/2 Large red chilli, thinly sliced if you like
      • 1 Dried Mexican Ancho chili. (soak in a little boiling hot water for 5 minutes, then blend or pound to a paste)
      • 125ml Coconut milk (half cup)
      • Sweet basil leaves
      • Fish sauce
      • Black pepper, freshly crushed or ground
      • Oil for cooking
      • Sweet basil leaves, picked off the stalk


      1. Heat a wok or pan until hot
      2. Add a little oil, it should come to almost smoking
      3. throw in the first 4 ingredients: Croc, beans, onion and chilli
      4. Stir-fry over high heat for 1-2 minutes only
      5. Add ancho chilli paste. Stir fry for 10 seconds then add coconut cream to stop it from burning.
      6. Working quickly, stir it around and toss to combine, toss the basil leaves through, then season to taste with fish sauce and black pepper. In this one minute period, the coconut and Ancho chili should have reduced to a sexy sauce thick enough to coat the crocodile, onion and beans.
      7. That’s it. Serve with potato crisps or sweet potato crisps. Cook them fresh – don’t use Lays or Pringles!