Grilled Antelope Tenderloin Kebabs


Minutes to Prepare: 30
Minutes to Cook: 15


2 Persons

      • Antelope tenderloin or backstraps, 4 oz per person (raw weight)
      • Veggies such as onion, eggplant, mushrooms, red or greeen peppers
      • Worchestershire sauce
      • Ground Chipotle pepper
      • salt to taste
      • grapeseed or other light oil
      • barbecue kebabs
      • ziptop bag


      1. Cube meat into rough 2-inch cubes.
      2. Chop garlic finely.
      3. Add 1 Tbs oil, garlic, chipotle, and worchestershire sauce to ziptop bag, add cubes of meat, squish to mix, seal bag with as little air as possible inside.
      4. Refrigerate from 1 hour to overnight.
      5. Start rice cooking per package directions in chicken broth
      6. Wash, seed, slice veggies as needed into pieces about the same size as the meat cubes.
      7. Thread meat, alternating with veggies, onto kebabs. Remember to soak wooden kebabs before use.
      8. Cook until medium rare, about 10 minutes total.
      9. Place aluminum foil over kebabs on a plate, allow to rest for 10 minutes.
      10. Serve 1/2 kebabs over 1 cup rice.

Nutritional Facts

      • Calories: 693.4
      • Total Fat: 14.6 g
      • Cholesterol: 0.0 mg
      • Sodium: 980.6 mg
      • Total Carbs: 64.3 g
      • Dietary Fiber: 6.3 g
      • Protein: 12.1 g