Home Cooking Wagyu Steak Donburi


10 Mins


34 Persons

      • beef steak (wagyu is best)
      • rice shopping list
      • pressed barley (optional)
      • kombu (dried kelp) (also, optional)
      • fresh ginger, grated
      • fine soy sauce (shoyu)
      • chopped scallions
      • sudachi (if available) (a squeeze of lime would probably be an OK substitute)


      1. Cook the rice (rinse if needed, add a bit of barley, about 3:1 ratio and a piece or two of kombu on top)
      2. saute or grill the beef steak over very, very high heat. just sear it.
      3. remove beef from heat and cube
      4. serve rice in a large bowl, place beef cubes on top, garnish to taste with scallions, ginger shoyu (mix grated ginger with shoyu to taste, my taste is 1:1)
      5. you are all foodies, so if you can’t just look at the piks and the ingredient list and whip it up, you ain’t no foodie!
      6. Visit my blog: I kyotofoodie.com/home-cooking-wagyu-steak-donburi/ posted this one on my blog the other day with some nice photos. Can you get wagyu and sudachi where you live? I am interested to find out what is available abroad.

Source: http://www.grouprecipes.com/25216/home-cooking-wagyu-steak-donburi.html



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