Sauteed Crocodile Fillets


      • Crocodile 1 kg
      • Chinese celery, a pinch, finely chopped
      • Red capsicum, a pinch, finely chopped
      • Garlic, 1 clove, finely chopped


      • 10 mlChinese Cooking Wine
      • Sesame oil, few drops
      • Fish sauce, ½ tea spoon
      • Cornflour, 1 tea spoon


      1. Cut crocodile fillet into slices and marinate with 60gm of water, 12gm corn starch and few drops of oil. Finely chopped Chinese celery, red capsicum and garlic, set aside.
      2. Heat wok with 500gm peanut oil. Plunge the marinated crocodile to seal the flavour, leave crocodile in strainer. Reheat wok with 20ml of oil then add all seasonings, crocodile and rest of ingredients. Quickly sauteed for 15 seconds and serve.